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In Tribute! Memories of Lives Well Lived.

  • 04-17-2019

We may remember them for singing the songs we loved or for creating the books or films we cried over, or because they managed to leave a mark on the world that affects us today.

We all admire someone who left the world a better place (or a different place) and living on in our individual and collective memories keeps them with us.

What they did or why or what they stood for has secured their spots in our memories or history.  From JFK to Winston Churchill to Elvis—these are people we remember or miss for what they achieved, what they signified, even for what they didn’t have a chance to accomplish before they left a poignant gap. Some contributed to changing the world or how we view it—others simply built a place in our hearts.   We hope you’ll review our Tribute pages and suggest those you miss.


A lovely version of Amazing Grace from the Stonebriar Community Church with Orchestra, Choir and Bagpipes.
And equally beautiful—a capella Amazing Grace with The Soweto Gospel Choir.


In Tribute
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About John Newton, who wrote the lyrics to Amazing Grace, one of the most popular of Christian hymns, around Christmas 1772 in England.




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