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Remembering Elvis

  • 03-19-2019

ElvisElvis Tribute

If you're a fan of PBS, you may have seen the concert footage that often airs around the anniversary of his death each August or during fund-raising episodes. Fans always know when to watch and tune in to both the In Hawaii concert, as it occurred, and the Elvis Lives concert filmed in Memphis in 2002 to commemorate the 25th year of his loss. This amazing concert brought together Elvis on video and many of the original performers, musicians, and backup singers, including The Stamps, The Jordanaires, The Imperials, The TCG Band, The Sweet Inspirations, Voice and others and gave us the opportunity to see to eveyrone looked 25 years on. The effect, on TV, is mesmerizing.

Elvis Festival

Also this summer, this writer visited the largest Elvis Festival in the world, which presents tribute artists to fans and everyday folk who fancy a day out with a bit of rock and roll and gospel thrown in. It's fun and energizing, yet with an element of pathos. How startling, at first, to see what looks like so many ghosts walking around this small Ontario town—paying homage, mimicking his movements and his voice when they perform, his scarves, jump suits, leathers, and gold lamé. But it's nice, too, and part of Elvis Lives. Still, and on every anniversary of Elvis leaving the buiding, it must be said that the music is still there, and the images are still there, and the TV specials, but we still miss the presence of the man himself.

Born 8 January 1935—Died 16 August 1977.

Elvis had a profound effect on music and everyone has written about that. Follow the links to the shows and Suspicious Minds on the official site, fan club, and Graceland.

Elvis Concert from Honolulu—the first live international satellite broadcast of a concert by a solo artist, which occurred on January 14, 1973. Also.

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