Funeral Guidance

Saying Goodbye: Even if you’ve prepared, when faced with the death of a family member or loved one, you may find you’re at a loss as to what to do first. In this section, you’ll find links to legal and professional organizations with information on what needs to be done and checklists, and guidance to where to find companies and how to proceed. 

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Loss and Grieving

However prepared we may think we are, the shock can be overwhelming and the grief everlasting. We all have different ways of facing grief—and information is provided here in the hope that it will be of comfort or assistance. Onward links and connections to community and other organizations are provided from time to time/. Some individuals find contact with others coping with grief is helpful at such a difficult time.

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The Bucket List

This section covers things you may want to do or plan for or to look forward to. If you’re visiting this site for general information or to plan ahead, or to help enhance the days—whether it’s being an armchair traveler or getting on a plane and ticking another item off your bucket list—this page is designed to focus on more than what’s on your To Do list...

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Legal & Planning

Business, Professional & Personal Affairs: In this section, we'll include background and links to professional and government organizations and resources on procedures/guidance with actions to take and how to proceed after a death or when pre-planning.

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Health & Wellness

Our health tends to suffer when we’re faced with bereavement and grief or coping with illness—our own or for a loved one.. Included here are articles and helpful leads on how to maintain your own physical and mental strength during this time. Or you may be face with ill health or those close to you may have physical/wellness concerns or wish to avoid them for as long as possible. Many more of us are also caregivers as parents and relatives age. Information on maintaining your own wellness and coping with the demands of grief and aging, for example, are included here.

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Advice & Guidance

Articles of general interest or guidance when contemplating future life change or facing loss, or coping with its after affects, will be featured in this section.

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