How Memorial Diaries Works

Welcome to our site and thank you for visiting. We hope you’ll stay and read and ponder lives lived and contribute your own memorials for loved ones and add to the remembrances in Memorial Diaries... post a memorial in our virtual memory bank and photograph album.


Memorial for your loved ones

Simply post your information to create a memorial on a dedicated page. You may include details of the service if it is still current and forward to friends and family. You're welcome to create a page to commemorate a parent, grandparent, or loved one who is recently deceased or someone who left years ago as a personal remembrance. There is no charge, and the page is always yours to update and add to. You’re welcome to complete as many memorial pages as you wish for family and friends who have passed away.





Creating a dedicated memorial page is easy & instant.

Loss is strange. We all know it's there, but we ignore it as long as possible and then memories kick in. We may wish we'd had time or made the time to say how much we loved or would miss those we loved. Many of us can't visit a gravestone or site—maybe there isn't one. Perhaps we just want to record our memories for others to see—family, friends, colleagues—even strangers, so that we can celebrate a life lived or have a place where we share and remember. That's why we created Memorial Diaries—for us and for you.  Please create as many memorial pages as you wish in memory of your loved ones and friends. 

Getting Started Is Easy & Fast!

  1. Create an account, or Login to an existing account.
  2. Simply follow the easy directions and your listing appears instantly (after it’s verified).
  3. Click Create a Memorial, fill in your email/password, and then begin to add your memorial text. (Don’t worry. Changes can be made later. You receive a free web page dedicated to the memorial listing you have created.) Don't forget to make a note of your password.
  4. You may not know or not wish to include the dates of birth and death—or only show the date of death, for example, because you do not have the information handy if it's a distant relative or grandparent and occurred in the past or for privacy reasons—this is fine. Please feel free to leave either dates blank. If you do include, follow the format as shown.
  5. Add your memorial—write it as an obituary, or highlight certain memories, mention your loved one's hobbies, activities, organizations and achievements. Also add photos, videos, and links. Once you click submit, you will be guided as to where to add photos.

  6. Click on 'Home Page’ to bring up the draft memorial. Click on edit at each picture area and choose images from your photo files (you may need to scan them first) that suit the rectangle or square crops, as shown. You may wish to drag the crop box over your image to show certain areas. You may also add other photos or these same ones under the heading Photos—so that visitors can view them in a larger format. Please upload a picture of yourself into the blue Memorial Diaries box area at top right, which represents your own profile (or you can show another image/perhaps scenic). Images should be 72 dpi and sized fairly small.

  7. Click to select a charity if you would like to suggest donations. Once the administrators okay the page for security reasons, it will be published. We try to do this very quickly so you're not waiting.

  8. Send or share with your friends and family with facebook, twitter, etc. Or forward the the memorial page link/url by email to your family and friends.

Thank you for being part of Memorial Diaries.




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