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Dorothy Jennings
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About Dorothy Jennings

About Dorothy

Our much beloved and forever missed mum. Mourned by all who knew her. Many important moments no longer have quite the same zing for daughter Kath and son-in-law Ken without her sweet presence, or for son David and his wife Lise, and son Kent and his wife Lynda. Dot's 6 lovely grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren miss her, too. Predeceased by Walter. Dorothy came from the N.E. of England as a war bride and always thought of her childhood haven of Stockton as home sweet home, while she moved from New Westminster, to Squamish, Whitehorse, San Francisco, LA, Belfast, and 100 Mile House—just some of the stops along the way. Dorothy always created homes of warmth and comfort wherever she went.

Mount Pleasant

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