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Dave and Florence Jennings
William Jennings
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William Jennings

About Dave and Florence Jennings

It has been on my bucket list to commemorate my father since before I had a bucket—when he passed away, during the depression years, the only marker on his grave was a wooden peg with a number on it. Dave Jennings passed away in 1937 at the age of 51 and left five children, of which I was the youngest at five years old. My mother went on to live to be 86.

My understanding of common sense in life was a gift from my mother, Florence Jennings (neé Underhill) and she also gave me her sense of humor. My mother went on to raise her five children with the help of a treadle sewing machine—she had been taught to sew before she emigrated from England as a young girl (West Hartlepool) and put these skills to good use. She created bridal gowns, bridesmaids' dresses, trousseaus and other fashions from her homey sewing room in New Westminster, where her grandchildren later used to love to play. My mother is buried in the courtyard of Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, B.C., where she sang in the choir for many years.

Dave was a pioneer and a founder of Smithers, B C, and along with my mother lived through the bust and boom years of the 20th century. If it was there to try, my father tried it—including running a business employing 200 men cutting ties for the expansion of the cross Canada railway. Throughout my life I felt his guiding spirit and this may be why, at the age of 65, after different ventures (adventures) including the auto business, I built the Jordan River Inn, a B&B in Jordan River on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The sunset photo here shows the view from the front window. After seven years, we retired and left behind a Sequoia tree, planted in 2000, which we hope will reach 300 feet.  William Jennings


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