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Anita Montgomery
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In loving memory of Anita Montgomery (Mulholland). Our very large family was devastated by our dear sister's sudden illness and, only a few months more

About Anita Montgomery

There is a picture of my mom Anita and a dolphin on my wall, she loved animals.  She loved her son Tony, her husband Ron, her daughter Kimm, her sisters and brothers, her cats and her many friends. Anita loved to dance, hike, garden, travel and to explore her spiritual path through books and speakers.  She loved the environment, in particular the wild animals and the beautiful forest of the Pacific Northwest.  Anita also sponsored two foster children in other countries.

In her own yard, which she called her heaven on Earth, she fed the birds, racoons and squirrels who lived in harmony with her, Ron and their cats.

What I loved most about Mom was she always had time if you were troubled.  She would sit with you and a cup of tea and truly listen and help solve the problems of your world.  She was a kind woman.  She was also a very generous woman, and often sent money anonymously to those in need of a few dollars.

Over the years she worked for Dr. De Rooy, Dr. Lesack. and at Surrey Memorial Hospital, Peace Arch Hospital and retired from Lion's Gate Hospital in her early 60's.

She liked organizing events and she and Ron held Grey Cup parties, the family Boxing Day parties, and helped with dances for the Round Dance Community.  She square danced with her sister Diana, brother Paul and met her husband Ron there. 
When Anita was 63 she got a diagnosis of cancer and set about healing herself body, mind and spirit.  She passed away having succeeded at finishing her earthly task.
In loving memory of my mom, Kimm Nightingale


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