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Good News and Lots of it!

  • 02-01-2019

from “Uncle Bill”

Good News and Lots of it!

“I’m a news junkie—especially for the good stuff. It warms my heart to hear about good things happening to good people. So in this Good News Segment—appearing regularly—I’ll showcase and post the way to good news items that I think other people like me might like to hear about. By people like me, I mean those of us who have a few decades behind us. What I’ve discovered is that my friends, who may have also put in a few decades, like good news, too!

Stories to smile about: “We’ve had lots of ups and downs to cope with and we like to hear when the world does someone a favor—or something unexpected but uplifting happens, or even just a little story to bring a smile. 

Aging well: “Here’s a great and positively uplifting story of age being just a number: read 
about the brave and very fit married couple Esther and Martin Kafer from Vancouver, BC, age 84 and 85 respectively, who climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro not too long ago. They are the oldest known couple to do this.

See the link to the Huffington Post, and well done to Esther and Martin.



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