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  • Health Tips for Seniors and Care Givers

    VITAMIN E FIGHTS ALZHEIMER''S Who hasn't had at least a few catch-your-breath moments at what some of us call a senior moment, and the optimists call a midlife moment? Nobody wants to l ... read more

  • Is San Francisco on Your Bucket List?

    San Francisco It's on an awful lot of bucket lists—if you haven't been there, you may not be sure why it is—it's partly the pastels, the houses, the light, the fog, the ... read more

  • Exercise

    Adding to your bucket list is fun—so much to do. Where to go next? But make sure you'll be fit enough to do all that you've got on your list. Being proactive about your health and wellne ... read more

  • What's on Your Bucket List?

    If you're over 40, you probably have one—even if it's unacknowledged, because then you have to be thinking about endings instead of what you're doing today. But sometimes pondering y ... read more

  • What Happened on This Day?

    Follow on Pinterest and Facebook to keep up with What Happened on This Day? We'll cover notable birthdays, historic events, or just events on the day that may be remarkable for one reason or anoth ... read more

  • My Bucket List

    We'll be including regular My Bucket List features. Please contact us to share what's on yours and why and how much you've achieved—or else some of the highlights. If we can, we' ... read more

  • Regrets, I've had a few...

    ” My Way—Regrets, I've had a few—” Frank Sinatra sang it and Paul Anka wrote it—but most of us have thought it at one time or another. Since few of us want to be f ... read more

  • Sleep well--it's good for your health

    DO YOU HAVE INSOMNIA? Estimates are that 50 % of the population suffers from insomnia at some time. Occasional trouble getting to sleep is normal. But insomnia for a prolonged period may have ... read more

  • Good News and Lots of it!

    SOME THOUGHTS ON LIFE IN GENERAL from “Uncle Bill” Good News and Lots of it! “I’m a news junkie—especially for the good stuff. It warms my heart to hear about&nb ... read more

  • Words Words Words

    Words Words Words “I’ve always been interested in words and how people use them. I spent most of my career in businesses where it was all about people and words— such as  ... read more

The Bucket List!

What’s on yours? Thanks for taking the time to check out Bucket List. This section will cover suggestions you may not have thought of—places to see and go and wonderful things to do. (We'll also include handy health and lifestyle info to forestall bucket kicking as long as possible...)

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