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  • 27 Things That Should Be in Your Pre-Planning File

    Plan ahead — Prepare a “death or illness” file for your loved ones to help with the details and simplify the process when the time comes, or for the day when you can't easily manage your affairs.  Include documen ... read more

  • Information on Health Issues/Diseases

    Mental and Physical Health— Ensuring better health often starts with knowledge—and, particularly for caregivers, it's often a case of the more the better. Mental Health America provides a great deal of useful information o ... read more

  • How much does a funeral cost?

    How much does a funeral cost? The costs associated with a funeral are related to your arrangements and preferences, but there are some standard guides available. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a fun ... read more

  • Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

    Help in dealing with loss— There are no time constraints on grief—and despite well meaning comments and tips and “This is what I did” from friends and family, each of us faces grief in our own way. Included here are so ... read more

  • Canadian Memorials for Veterans

    Warriors and Books of Remembrance  The Canadian Virtual War Memorial was created by Veterans Affairs Canada to “recognize the achievements and sacrifices of those who have served Canada in the defence of freedom and so have contributed ... read more

  • Find a Funeral Home in Canada

     Funeral Homes in Canada This site covers funeral homes across Canada. Across Canada Listings: Simply add your town/location information to bring up a comprehensive list:  Across Canada and through the US, consult funeralnet.com a ... read more

  • Legalities After a Loss in Canada

    Legalities and guidance on what to do after a death in Canada Industry Canada publishes a Consumer Handbook (downloadable PDF) and provides detailed information on what to do after a death/and also what the Canada Revenue Agency requir ... read more

  • On This Day

    What Happened Today? Sign up to follow Memorial Diaries on Twitter/Pinterest to keep up to date with history. We'll highlight individuals who made a difference or that we remember—marking their birthday or the day they left us, as well a ... read more

  • Burial or Cremation Options

    Looking at Disposition of Remains  Ground Burial Interment, more commonly known as ground burial, is still the most common of all cemetery services, says the Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries.  In most cases a single grave or lot can h ... read more

  • Avoiding Memory Loss

    “I'll remember in a minute...” We call them senior moments... but they can start at any age. Usually, it just means you're under stress, tired, or feeling a little overwhelmed... but if you want to do what you can to avoid ... read more

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