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  • Death When Out of Country

    We're all on the go a lot more these days—and that means some of us, or our spouse or friends, may die when out of the country.  It will be necessary to register the death and meet local requirements where it occurred. Also obtain a ... read more

  • Taking Care of Your Health

    Fitting Physical Activity Into Your Day Like most people, you’ve probably heard that regular exercise and physical activity are good for you. But your days are filled with family, work, errands,  reading, TV, cooking, volunteering, an ... read more

  • Sleeping Well is Good for Your Health

    DO YOU HAVE INSOMNIA? Estimates are that 50 % of the population suffers from insomnia at some time. Occasional trouble getting to sleep is normal. But insomnia for a prolonged period may have serious effects on our health and well being, im ... read more

  • After a Death in the US

    US Guidance— The US Federal Trade Commission publishes comprehensive handbooks in PDF format available to download at no charge on the US Gov site. These booklets also contain links and lists of associations and organizations th ... read more

  • Different Funeral Practices

    Varied Religious Practices: A useful site guide outlines practices across various religions, what typically occurs or is expected, and etiquette and protocol concerns that you may be unsure of. Please see My Florist for a comprehe ... read more

  • Things My Mother Taught Me

    To Be Nice—A Little About Dot Everyone loved her—the miracle baby forever known as Dot because she was only a little dot when born at home in England’s wintergreen and pleasant (but cold) northeast in February 1927. The midwife w ... read more

  • Mental Health Guidance

    Physical and Emotional Aspects of Grief— Mental Health America Mental Health America provides detailed information on what to expect when someone close to you dies and explores the emotions and the many reactions we experience. De ... read more

  • Legalities After a Loss in Canada

    Funeral planning and what you need to know in the event of death After death From Service Canada To help following a death, this Canadian Service Canada federal site contains valuable links and guidance. Please also check your province or te ... read more

  • Elements of a Funeral

    Elements of a Funeral: This Funeral Planning Checklist from the Rochester Funeral Home covers all the elements you may need to consider when a death occurs (applies to both Canada and the US).  Please click on the l ... read more

  • Plan a Funeral in Canada

    Options to Consider— There are many options to consider when planning, or pre-planning, and there is no right or wrong way to conduct a funeral or memorial service. Some people like to put an individual stamp on their last rites—whethe ... read more

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