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  • 02-28-2019

Mental and Physical Health—

Ensuring better health often starts with knowledge—and, particularly for caregivers, it's often a case of the more the better.

Mental Health America provides a great deal of useful information on issues that can crop up any time, but especially as we age or those we care for do or as we face the loss of loved ones. Please check out their comprehensive articles on depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, Alzheimer's —and many other issues. They provide details on symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.  

The Canadian Mental Health Association provides excellent resources also, with in-depth articles on a great many areas that may affect you or someone in your family. They coverr topics from anxiety disorders to psychosis to mood and eating disorders.

A Great Go To Source—The Mayo Clinic

A reliable resource, on both sides of the border, for information on symptoms, disease, treatment and various aspects of wellness, including healthy aging and caring for seniors is the Mayo Clinic. 

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