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Elements of a Funeral

  • 03-17-2019

Elements of a Funeral: This Funeral Planning Checklist from the Rochester Funeral Home covers all the elements you may need to consider when a death occurs (applies to both Canada and the US).  Please click on the link for futher information.

  • Advise the authorities
  • Advise family,friends, colleagues, place of work
  • Choose a funeral director familiar with your religious beliefs/or as applicable
  • The funeral director will provide information on steps (official) that you may need to take and through all the steps of planning the ceremony/burial
  • Should the body be embalmed
  • Are you considering burial or cremation
  • Will a plot be needed, an urn, a casket—there may be implications if you choose cremation
  • Will there be a need for vault, mausoleum.
  • What will you do with the ashes—Will they be scattered, buried, held?
  • Costs and implications for services
  • Will there be public viewing of the body/visitation—open or closed casket
  • Will cremation occur before the visitation, at the service, or at a later time
  • Consider clothes, jewelry, cosmetic work necessary for the deceased—or if the latter is required
  • Visitation and wakes—do you wish to have this?
  • Temple, Mosque, Funeral Home, Church
  • Graveside ceremony
  • Military
  • Public figure/memorial/recognition from officials or groups to be incorporated
  • Program
  • Music
  • Speakers, Tributes, Eulogy
  • Obituary—write it, publish it
  • Flowers
  • Charitable Donataions
  • Photos and videos for the visitation/the program/cards
  • Will pall bearers be needed/chosen from friends and family or funeral home
  • Music for visitation and service
  • Order of program
  • Transportation—to the cemetary/of friends and family
  • Gravestones and markers/receptacles
  • Accommodation of relatives/friends
  • Legalities/business matters/insurance



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