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Legalities After a Loss in Canada

  • 01-09-2020

Funeral planning and what you need to know in the event of death

After death

From Service Canada

To help following a death, this Canadian Service Canada federal site contains valuable links and guidance. Please also check your province or territory websites for additional information.  All the sites linked here are official government sites or reputable trade associations (i.e. Funeral Directors/Banks). 

For Service Canada


Guide for across Canada on how to obtain a death certificate: please click on the province or territory at the bottom of the page for specifics in your area.

Information on OAS/CPP, Employment benefits (EI) and Canada Revenue Agency (to cancel benefit payments)
AND also check out the details here.

Cancelling the SIN, passport, citizenship or permanent resident card, secure certificate of Indian status (SCIS) and a listing what other documents you may need to cancel such as drivers license, auto ownership, health cards and licenses (i.e. firearms) can be reviewed here.

For information on death benefits in the event of death of a parent, spouse, or partner: also explore survivor's benefits, children's benefits and there may be international benefits if the deceased lived or worked out of the country. You can also find information here from Veteran's Affairs when someone dies in the line of duty. Also on managing the estate of a deceased First Nations individual who lived on a reserve before death.

Also, you may wish to consult the page on Financials, which includes links to the Canadian Bankers Association. on Caisses populaires (English or French from DesJardins) and Credit Unions.

For information on federal public servants and survivor entitlements after death, etc. and FAQs—on a current or former federal civil servant, please click here. Check the provinces and territories if you or the decesased was a civil servant.

General information from the Government of Canada/provinces and territories is presented at this site and in a downloadable PDF, including details on steps that need to be taken on a death, arranging a funeral, and what to do following a death re taxes and various other Government Services. It is presented by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Consumer Measures Committee and contains useful information applicable Canada-wide.Download or print. At the bottom of the page, click on the province or territory with which you are concerned for more links and information.

General BC Services—information on what to do
Death registration and related background in BC:
Search for a funeral home on BC Govt Services site:
Wills Registry: you may need to file a wills notice or search for one as part of the probate process: details, see here:



The Alberta Government has a wide-ranging series of links to help: please consult the page for information on all related topics from:
Dealing with Death, With or Without a Will, Registration, Certificates, Legal Assistance, Pensions, Compensation, and Benefits—and many subjects you may need to explore.


The Saskatchewan Government site covers registration of death—which must be completed before a death certificate can be issued, and also has details concerning the Public Guardian and Trustee.

This page also contains links to the federal Service Canada pages for more information/backup:


For procedures to follow in Manitoba, please see details


 This Ontario provincial site covers most topics from organ donation, to what to do if someone dies outside of the province, planning a funeral or cremation to listings of organizations that deal with grief and loss and registering a deathl
The main site page can be found at what to do when someone dies and follow the links:  


You obtain a death certificate from the PEI Department of Health and Wellness. Details
The PEI Association for Newcomers in Canada also has useful information on its website:




MORE GENERAL INFORMATION FOR CANADIANS: Also at this site is a useful guidebook that can be downloaded free of charge with lots of useful information—some may vary from province to province, etc., but it's an excellent general guide with 27 pages on everything from how to arrange a funeral to lists of forms and documents you will need. Some may be province-specific, but it's a very useful general handbook.

Click here for an online version of this information.

Canadians with UK ties

Many Canadians may have UK/Commonwealth and extended family ties overseas. Here are some links to what to do after a death in the UK:The UK site contains all that you'll need including  who you should report a death to, and the forms and procedures that you will need to follow. 


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