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  • Find a Funeral Home in Canada

     Funeral Homes in Canada This site covers funeral homes across Canada. Across Canada Listings: Simply add your town/location information to bring up a comprehensive list:  Across Canada and through the US, consult a ... read more

  • Different Funeral Practices

    Varied Religious Practices: A useful site guide outlines practices across various religions, what typically occurs or is expected, and etiquette and protocol concerns that you may be unsure of. Please see My Florist for a comprehe ... read more

  • Elements of a Funeral

    Elements of a Funeral: This Funeral Planning Checklist from the Rochester Funeral Home covers all the elements you may need to consider when a death occurs (applies to both Canada and the US).  Please click on the l ... read more

  • Plan a Funeral in Canada

    Options to Consider— There are many options to consider when planning, or pre-planning, and there is no right or wrong way to conduct a funeral or memorial service. Some people like to put an individual stamp on their last rites—whethe ... read more

  • How much does a funeral cost?

    How much does a funeral cost? The costs associated with a funeral are related to your arrangements and preferences, but there are some standard guides available. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a fun ... read more

  • Burial or Cremation Options

    Looking at Disposition of Remains  Ground Burial Interment, more commonly known as ground burial, is still the most common of all cemetery services, says the Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries.  In most cases a single grave or lot can h ... read more

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