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  • Financial Control & The Older Generation

    On Protecting Your Finances— The elderly and infirm routinely delegate control of their finances to family members, but more and more people are abusing that power. Can our aging population trust its own children? BY RISHA GOTLIEB Some y ... read more

  • Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service

    Funerals and Planning Please also check the Resources page and links for guidance—but here is a summary of some of the key points you may wish to consider. You may prefer an officiant or humanist service, or need to meet religious re ... read more

  • Power of Attorney-Potential for Abuse

    Exploring Power of Attorney By Risha Gotlieb (This article originally appeared in Maclean’s, a Canadian publication and references are, therefore, Canadian. However, similar issues arise both sides of the border.) Léony de Graaf, ... read more

  • The Art of Writing a Eulogy

    Catherine Kentridge conducts interfaith and other services in the Toronto area and has contributed a few notes that might be of help to you in writing a eulogy. These are written from the point of view of an officiant, but may give some i ... read more

  • Crafting a Meaningful Memorial Service

    Thank you to officiant Catherine Kentridge, who discusses elements you may wish to include:  Often funeral homes and religious organizations are a great help at this time. However, you may not be using these services or may wish to creat ... read more

  • Writing a Memorial

    It's not something you can dash off in five minutes. Writing a memorial may be a wrenching and emotional experience, no matter if you're explaining a loss you've only just suffered or whether it's far in the past. We know this because ... read more

  • How to Write an Obituary

    Writing the obituary We think we'll be able to practically write a book about someone we love—but when the time comes, we're usually so stunned and grief-stricken that the task feels impossible. How can we cover all that he or she me ... read more

  • Grief and Loss

    Thank you to Ganga Daryanani, RSW, a therapist and holistic counsellor in Toronto, who wrote this article for us on grief and loss. The Journey “While the journey must be taken alone, it need not be lonely” Loving and le ... read more

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Thanks for stopping by. We’ve covered a number of topics here that we hope will be useful for you in planning or in coping with the loss of a loved one. New subjects and updates will be added often—please let us know what you'd like to see.

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